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Thankyou to all the committee for our holiday vouchers that we were presented on our last night of employment at the club it was a wonderful surprise to us both and we hope to see you all and members on the 23rd June for our leaving party with Chris doing the disco.thankyou all once again
Fantastic evening for the Blackaby charity darts.
What a fantastic night and well done to everyone who joined in. A wonderful £310 has been donated to St Clare Hospice today. Thank you to Alec for dropping the money over to them.
Let’s keep up the good work !
Thanks to the club for providing us with a venue for the quiz night last night - we raised a brilliant £430 in aid of Epilepsy Action to go towards my London Marathon fundraising efforts. Thanks to all who joined us and donated - and to Mark and Kerry for their support on the evening!
Lovely young lady .Behind bar. But. Lacking in atmosphere. Prices very good.


Unfortunately the atmosphere for a Saturday lunchtime can be somewhat lacking, try coming in during the afternoon or evening, then you will see a difference.
The Ghias played a very enjoyable set on Saturday night, just unfortunate that there were only 4 members there for most of the evening to enjoy them (6 by closing time).
A good night at the George Blount darts, despite the fact that only 8 members attended we raised £110 for the Air Ambulance.
Great night at the casino night, just a shame that some people took it too seriously!!
Thanks for the bingo night john, good fun as ever. 😁
The recent Blackaby Cup Darts night was very successful and raised £300 in aid of St Claire Hospice